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Afghanistan Votes

Amazing photos of today’s election in Afghanistan are making their way through Twitter. A great place to start is with @afghansvote, the feed of a crowdsourced, citizen journalism project that’s monitoring the elections and is based out of Kabul.

Images: A man whose finger was severed by the Taliban after a previous election has a different one marked after he votes, via @ToloNews; a group of voters salute “the enemies of #Afghanistan,” via @JavedAzizKhan; women wait to vote outside of Kabul, via @HabibKhanT; and a woman explains to the AFP why she votes, via @dawn_com.  



i just wanna know where the fuck that whale can be found on the internet 

here i found a bunch

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Do I wanna know? by Arctic Monkeys

Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
Now I’ve thought it through

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You finally got down on your knees.

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